Neighbourhood Watch

Car break-ins

People in the village are strongly advised not to leave anything of value in their cars, even if the cars are locked.

There has been a spate of car break-ins in recent weeks, particularly in the New Road, Southcote Way, Manor Road and Kingswood Avenue area.

At first people felt they had forgotton to lock their cars and it's felt many didn't bother reporting incidents to the police, particularly if nothing was taken and the car's contents had merely been disturbed.

But now it is felt that the thieves have some electronic device which is capable of unlocking some types of car. It's important therefore than when you leave your car, you leave nothing of value in it... locked or not.

Neighbourhood Watch Information

Hazlemere Police station new number: 08458 505505

Local Police number (manned 8am to 10pm Sunday to Thursday and to 12pm Friday & Saturday):

01494 736772 (New number from July 06)

Two new police officers took over responsibility for the local area at the beginning of July.

The local police office number is now 01494 736772. To view photos of our new local policemen, click here.

Neighbourhood Watch Main Coordinator

Yvonne Mancey

Neighbourhood Watch Reps

Hazlemere End: TBA

Manor Close: Veronica Millward

Manor Road North East: Paul Ayton

Manor Road North West: Yvonne Mancey

Manor Road South West: Peter Kelly

Manor Road South Middle: Dennis Harrigan

Manor Road South East: Julie Blandford

Barrier/Dip Area: John Statham

Please see the member contacts page for contact details.

Note from PC Andy Mayor for the Manor Road Neighbourhood Scheme

Beware of gypsies currently active in this area (they make signs on road or gate posts indicating what to steal)
Keep cars garaged wherever possible
Keep car keys out of view (preferably in a hidden unusual spot)
Take any suspicious number plates & call through to Hazlemere office. PC Andy mayor is always happy to do a check & compare with any burglaries
Watch out for distraction burglaries. Teams of gypsies.
All key holders for neighbours must know the alarm code
We are currently covered by the Amersham police force. Their area is from the Beech tree Pub to Little Kingshill, Amersham, Gerrards Cross & Uxbridge and there are only 3 cars & 12 PCs. So please be patient if you have to wait a while. They have 1 full time PC (Andy Mayor) and 2 part-time PCs based at Hazlemere
They would like another zapper for the other car, who a few weeks ago couldn’t get through the barrier. Also, if they have the zapper they will patrol the road more often
If you have to phone the main switchboard, you are being routed through to Milton Keynes, so you will have to give very precise directions.
Currently there is a spate of a gang using a telescopic arm through your letterbox to get visible car keys. An Audi TT was stolen a few weeks ago in St Johns Road like this.
Obviously, get a burglar alarm.
Lock back gates, especially when away.

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